Infecticide never ceases to heckle the French chanson scene with psychoactive fervour. Complete artists, the three dreadful men use every means at their disposal to turn their baby into a nocturnal weapon of sadism, and the audience is brought to its knees by their mastery of the art of pissing people off.

We’re dealing with a precious troupe, in the picturesque landscapes of France, far from the maudlin horizons where some try to revive a new-wave drowned in the saliva of an unconsented mouth to mouth.

Here we sweat more than we do in a Zumba class, without neglecting our brains, sketched by a pen whose offhand, wry humour is a friendly reminder of our condition as human beings: “a weeping mushroom, a little lump of fear…”.

After the stunning “Chansons Tristes” released in 2014, and their 2nd album “Poil de Coeur”, which arrived in early 2016, it’s a real incentive to dance on the smouldering ashes of an overturned world that they offer us through the relentless 3rd album “Finger Bueno” released in 2020. Even colder, even hotter.

Territory: Germany